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What we do

Helping children to go to school is Himalayan Learning’s bread-and-butter.

For every £30 we raise, we help another child go to school. We make sure they have what they need to attend, and that the school has the facilities to make their education good and worthwhile.

However, with over a decade of experience, we know it’s not that easy. There are lots of issues that we have to tackle each and every day.

Structural Issues Quality Issues Non-educational issues
    • Distance to school
    • Dysfunctional schools
    • Poor quality buildings
    • Lack of school places
    • Extreme lack of schools above primary level
    • Lack of books and teaching materials
    • Lack of appropriate reading material for the newly literate
    • Lack of teacher motivation
    • Inflexible education provision
    • Relevance of curriculum
    • Non-Nepali language issues
    • Gender stereotyping and perpetuation of gender bias
    • Calendar and timings
    • Lack of joyful learning
    • Poverty / powerlessness
    • Status of women
    • Cost to family
    • Child labour / domestic chores
    • Battle for survival
    • Self-perception
    • Child marriage

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