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Below are some facts relating to child labour in Nepal. For more information about these statistics, visit CWIN.

Of working children in Nepal:

    • 64% go to school, 36% do not go to school
    • 26% of male children do not go to school
    • 49% of female children do not attend school.

    4 out of 10 children work in Nepal (41.7%). 6 out of 10 child labourers are girls. 1.7 million children in Nepal are engaged in economic activity:

      • 1.4 million are involved in unpaid activities
      • 278,000 in paid.

    Girls work longer hours than boys:

      • 88% of girls work 14 hours or more per day
      • 35% of girls worked 42 hours or more per week
      • 80% of boys work 14 hours or more per day
      • 22% of boys worked 42 hours or more per week.

    More children work in the mountains than in the Terai:

      • 52.3% children work in the mountain region
      • 45.4% in the hilly region
      • 36.3% in the Terai region.

    127,000 children are involved in the most hazardous work. The worst forms of child labour in Nepal are:

      • 57,000 bonded child laborers between age group 5-18.
      • 55,000 domestic workers
      • 46,029 child porters
      • 12,000 girls are trafficked every year and 20% of the sex workers in Nepal are under age of 16
      • 4,000 rag pickers earning 60p a day (88% boys and 12% girls).


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