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Whilst communities in Nepal are built upon ideals of pluralism in religion, culture, and customary practices, sometimes those same practices can act as a barrier to education, particularly in regards to women, ethnic minorities, and the disabled.

As an educational charity, our first step is always to give communities access to school and to the benefits of education. Just providing facilities is not enough – we must then widen the types of people that have access to that education.

Many children who do not go to school have more complex issues that we must help with. Girls may not attend school because their parents do not see the value of education, or can only afford to send one child. Ethnic minority families may also not see the value of education in their lives.

There are also social issues within the community to try to deal with. Ethnic groups may be discouraged from going to school by what they see as domination by another group. Girls may also be discouraged by the pressure to fulfil what they are supposed to do at home.

Below is a map provided by Google showing the communities which we support. Each green house represents a village school and the yellow shaded area is the area where our children come from.


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