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Nepalese schools are some of the poorest quality, under-staffed, under-trained, facility-less, and inappropriately designed in the world.

Not only are the schools in poor shape structurally, the taught syllabus is equally unsatisfactory, badly written, regularly incorrect, and often biased. This is particularly true in rural areas where the syllabus fails to provide even the basic skills and knowledge required for agriculture.

Despite the apparent problems, the majority of Nepalese parents still realise that educating their children is one of the only ways that they can escape the effects of extreme poverty.

Himalayan Learning aims to enable the education of as many children as possible. We do this by providing support and incentives for children to attend and for schools to push for greater results.

Some of our projects are literally about rebuilding schools, many of which do not have doors, tables, nor educational materials. In fact not one of our schools has any panes of glass in its’ windows – a real problem in an area where there are both monsoon showers, wind storms, and really cold winters.

Below is a Google-Earth map of the region in which we work. The green symbols are schools in which we already work, the yellow symbols are schools in which we are currently holding discussions, and the yellow envelope symbol is our office.


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