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The number of children attending school in Nepal (SiNHaS)

Whilst the numbers of children going to primary school in Nepal has grown over the past 2 decades, the number of those same children going to secondary school is actually less now than in 1990.

The number of schools in Nepal (SiNHaS)

As you can see, the numbers of children going to school is directly proportional to the number of schools available – children in Nepal love the chance to go to school where possible.

Reasons for Leaving School

There are many reasons that children leave school listed above, mostly due to issues related to poverty, and these obviously change in relevancy depending on gender. For example boys will mainly drop out of school due to boredom whereas girls leave because of work at home or becoming married.

Percentages of Exam Grades (SiNHaS)

The number of children that fail in school is very high compared to other countries. Whilst the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is low in standards compared to international standards, in Nepal passing the SLC really defines the child’s life and their access to opportunities.

Subject Grades (SiNHaS)

Like in the UK, Nepali children excel in certain subjects that they find particularly interesting. The lack of access to interesting teaching techniques mean that certain subjects are regarded as “boring” by many.


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