The school is often the centre point of any village and the place where many local festivals and organisations take place.

Most are run-down and very badly constructed with no windows, doors, or benches, and usually no water, toilets, nor electricity. Many don’t even have enough class rooms or benches and children are taught outside.

Many of the larger charities and organisations such as the UN often describe Nepalese education as free – in fact most schools charge fees because the government does not give enough funds for teachers’ salaries.

This general lack of funding means that schools are inadequate and classes are over-subscribed with 100-150 in each class. They are also usually long distances from homes which can be a real problem in the cold and wet weather.

Whilst most children are desperate for an education, without minimal teaching aids such as blackboards, chalk, and paper, many children stop coming to school as they continue to fail.


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