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Our team

We have two teams, one in Nepal and one in the UK, but who are they and what do they do?

Oliver – Voluntary Coordinator

You may have spoken to me, been contacted by me, kept up-to-date by me, or, been apologised to by me (for the website failing that is!). My main role is to organise and keep the communication between you, me, and everyone else rolling.

I have also got lots of projects up my sleave most of the time which you may or may not hear about! I spent a year in Nepal back in 2000 helping another charity in education. Since then myself and others formulated that we could provide far better projects than the charities we experienced and founded Himalayan Learning. I visit the various projects for between 3 weeks and 3 months every year since (and before you say lucky guy, I assure you it is much harder than you think!)

Menuka – Voluntary Field Coordinator

Hello, Oliver has asked me to tell you a little about myself. I was born in a tiny village in Nepal in 1980 to a large family. My father was a local health worker and empowered me to learn. I became the only educated person in my family and worked as a teacher. Myself and Oliver (who came to work in my village in 2000) decided that we could do a much better and cheaper job than most of the big international organisations, and in 2002 founded Himalayan Learning.

Since we started the organisation, I have been busy studying health myself. I manage the programs in Nepal and keep a very good check on everything. In 2006 we have taken on a co-ordinator because we no longer had the time to continue volunteering as the organisation scale gets larger and more successful. I have a lot of experience as the children and communities we support are where I come from, so I know the issues and problems far better than any big incoming organisations with the flashy bags of money.


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